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Koudai - Comment about Kazuki leaving Royz→

Now it’s been decided, that Kazuki will withdraw from the band on June 11 at Akasaka BLITZ.
Because I thought that alot of speculations seems to have been born about this withdrawal, I should convey the truth as far as possible.
First of all, about Kazuki’s family.
About the above mentioned…

Tomoya - Comment about Kazuki leaving Royz→

At this time, our 2nd guitarist Kazuki is withdrawing from the band due to family circumstances.

When I first heard this matter being brought up, I couldn’t believe it at all, what is going to become of Royz? That’s what I thought.

Amongst Royz, with Kazuki I have the longest fellowship,…

Subaru - Comment about Kazuki leaving Royz→


I still can’t realize it. Here’s what Baru officially said about Kazuki leaving the band.
He is using “graduating / outgrowing” instead of “leaving” btw.
And liquid crystals are tears.

First of all, I’m really sorry that this announcement is making you so sad.
Also, I’m sorry for…

Kuina - Comment about Kazuki leaving Royz→

I’m sorry for this sudden announcement.

When I had a talk with Kazuki myself, I somehow just couldn’t remain calm.

When you are together almost every day for the past 5 years, such a decision hits you hard. And also because we know his family background, the members knew, what ever talk we…

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